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INSOMNIA ---  Therapy Box

Nowadays, more than one third of children at some point in their life, will suffer from insomnia. However, on the market today there are no books designed for children. Within the context of our ultra-connected «Z» generation, the idea is to reconcile print and digital publishing by creating a pop-up book to minimize the fear of insomnia. These paper-cut illustrations portray insomnia as a small monster evolving throughout the pages. Readers are invited to play with him through a world of papercut scenery illuminated thanks to a mini-projector integrated into the book.

Author : Charlotte Penet

Binoral sound : Nicolas Jean-Jean

Companies that worked on the model : Delta Composants, Imprimerie Peau, Reliac, Heldé, Fedrigoni, Antalis

diploma project, 2018

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