MARIS --- Branding

Maris (or Mariś) was an Etruscan god often depicted as an infant or child and given many epithets, inclu- ding Mariś Halna, Mariś Husrnana (Maris the Child), and Mariś Isminthians. He was the son of Hercle, the Etruscan equivalent of Heracles. On two bronze mir- rors, Maris appears in scenes depicting an immer- sion rite to ensure his immortality, possibly connec- ted to stories about the centaur Mares, the ancestor of the Ausones, who underwent a triple death and resurrection.


Concept explanation:

I focused on the idea of reflection from two bronze mirrors and the immersion rite story to form my concept. The logo is based upon an "M" and its re- flection. In keeping with the bronze mirrors, we find the texture of bronze on the bottle of perfume as a wink to Maris' myth, and why not the idea of immor- tality, thanks to the perfume ! The bottle is circular to recall the shape of bronze mirrors.